Greetings Agents,

The time is finally here, we have found a way to become 1st in a google search so now it is only a matter of time before the real strength of the SHIELD is unleashed and justice can finally be brought to CP. However through this time it has given us an opportunity to separate the loyal owners from the disloyal ones and our administration has become stronger through it, ranks will be updated accordingly and new owners will be hired now our trio leadership has completely finished for the Summer. Be ready SHIELD, things are about to get a lot more fun.



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So, you’re interested in joining the CP SHIELD? Well then you’ve come to the right place!


Joining Application

To officially become an Agent of Shield, fill out the form below.

If you would like to Join the CP SHIELD and help us protect Club Penguin simply fill out the form below and press “submit”. You will become an official Agent of CP SHIELD within 24 hours and your Rank will be found on our Ranks page.


We at the CP SHIELD highly advise making use of our HQ chat room, this enables you to talk to other members of the CP SHIELD with ease and helps with co-ordination and battle orders during your missions. Our chat is also heavily moderated and is 100% safe for anyone to use!

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Welcome, Agents of SHIELD.

Today is a new beginning, it’s a game changer. Are you ready for judgment? Are you ready for justice? It’s a beginning, it’s a genesis.

The question is, who’s side are you on?


Justice Comes To Breeze [Raid of ACP]


Greetings Agents,

Today we logged on to fight the DCP Green Division ACP and bring justice to the server Breeze which has been held under ACP tyranny for many years. Even before we have opened our doors we have attempted to bring justice and today our mission was fairly successful, although many of our troops were initially confused as to why DCP was dressing up in green we decided to carry on anyway. We succeeded in making ACP mad, spearing their troops through the ice berg and reinforcing the point that “they can’t see us”.




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3rd Ward Raid [AUSIA] [VICTORY]


Greetings Agents,

Today we raided ACP. We maxed 10, which was the same size as ACP’s AUSIA. We crushed ACP, even though we are an army that is 11th on SMAP and we haven’t even opened yet.

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 12.45.13 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 12.40.27 PM

Keep up the good work.

Deputy Maxy, out.





We MAXED 12 at this event.

SHIELD is rising. Keep up the good work, agents.

Deputy Maxy, out.

An introduction to Djkb1

Greetings, Agents of Shield!

Hello, I’m your new Third In Command, Djkb1. Before I go into what I’ll do for S.H.I.E.L.D I should probably tell you all a bit about myself.

I joined the Army of Club Penguin in 2011 and rose to the rank of Third in Command within a few years. During this time, I became the leader of the Light Defenders, who became SMAC’s number one for 4-weeks. I rose through ACP’s ranks and finally, in May 2014, I was promoted to 3ic. During this time, the UK division had been flourishing under Sercan and I had hoped to carry on his impact. However, I went on holiday and everything went to hell. I had been fired and retired due to the reasons why I left ACP the second time. Yes, I rejoined ACP and managed to be promoted to third in command in a couple of months. During this time, I met Maxy for the second time since 2013 and we rebuilt the UK to sizes of 20+. But it wasn’t before long when we started losing soldiers. A division that we owners had built for two weeks started crumbling. And as a consequence, we lost our say in debates and couldn’t make decisions. I felt like I had been betrayed by the corrupt ACP. Here at S.H.I.E.L.D I will recruit as much as I can and help eradicate the plague in Club Penguin Armies.


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